Seal Bell is a pendant lamp made from sustainable sealskin. Seal Bell highlights Nordic materials in a natural, pure and sensual way. The fabric cord can be matched in five different color choices. Seal Bell is available in harp and ringed sealskin.


Read more about the sealskin at our supplier Great Greenland´s homepage


All Seal Bell lamps have a metal shell handcrafted by our skilled and experienced metal case craftsman Finn, who has worked in the profession for forty years. He is one of the last craftsmen in Denmark who performs this type of metalwork.



Each lamp has its own unique pattern reflecting the specific sealskin used, supplied by Great Greenland, from whom we select only the finest quality skins. The skin is meticulously processed, sewn and mounted on each lamp by hand according to each specific order at the CB Studio workshop.


The cord on the lamps is of Italian quality, produced by our local lighting supplier in Copenhagen, and every lamp comes with a sustainable high-quality +90 RA LED bulb.


The lamps are carefully packaged with sustainable packing materials before leaving Denmark.